Air Wisconsin: Now Hiring Direct Entry Captains

Air Wisconsin is excited to give qualified pilots the opportunity to continue their flying career with the airline as a Direct Entry Captain. Pilots with 1,000 hours of previous Part 121 experience transition into a Captain upgrade class after initial training. These pilots will receive $44,000 in bonuses by completion of IOE and will start in the left seat.

Efficiently built schedules and excellent work rules make the most of your time away from home. All pilots have duty rigs (2:1) and trip rigs (4:1) with 12 guaranteed days off a month for reserve and line holders. The company also provides hotel rooms for breaks between flights that are over 4.5 hours.

In addition to Air Wisconsin’s industry-leading health benefits, the company offers an unparalleled 401(k) match program that’s two to three times higher than any other regional carrier. Pilots also can earn up to 35 vacation days per year and have the opportunity to apply to United’s new Aviate program. Learn more about Aviate HERE.  

Apply on Airline Apps or learn more about joining our team at

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