Nature versus Nature: Two Generations Share a Passion for Aviation at Air Wisconsin

Psychologists often debate the influence of nature versus nurture and how each may impact our actions and choices as humans. Although we don’t have the answer to one of Psychology’s oldest questions, we can say, when it comes to these three sets of fathers and sons, the desire to work in aviation got passed on to the next generation.

First, meet Paul and Max Gill. Paul started as a Bae146 First Officer at Air Wisconsin in 1998. He is currently a Captain and our Lead Ground School Instructor. Paul’s son Max had the opportunity to fly as a passenger with his dad flying in left seat from Appleton (ATW) to Chicago (ORD) while growing up. Max recently started at Air Wisconsin himself and successfully finished his Initial Operating Experience (IOE) in May. They are pictured together at the Appleton International Airport when Max had an overnight in Appleton, WI during his IOE.

Next up, we have Don and son Jeff Sievert. Don started at Air Wisconsin in 1969 after serving four years in the United States Marine Corps as an F-4 engine test cell mechanic. After 37 years holding various positions at Air Wisconsin, Don retired in 2006 as the Maintenance Planning and Programs Manager. His son, Jeff, started at Air Wisconsin in 2003 after serving four years in the United States Air Force and has been with Air Wisconsin for over 18 years and currently holds our Director of Maintenance position. Jeff had the privilege to work with his dad in the maintenance department for three years and even had a desk located near his father’s for a brief period. Combining their years of service; the Sieverts have provided Air Wisconsin with over 55 years of maintenance experience!

The last duo we would like to introduce is Andy Lundt and his father, Bob Lundt. Andy started as a Ramp Agent with us while he was in college. After school, Andy returned to Air Wisconsin and held various management positions over his 18 years at the Company and is currently our Director of Procurement. Early in Andy’s career, his father, Bob, was also working at Air Wisconsin, managing the Crew Scheduling department. In fact, Bob was the first Crew Scheduler Air Wisconsin employed; he started and grew the department over his 33 years of tenure. Even after Bob retired in 2003, he was instrumental in sharing the stories and artifacts to commemorate our Company’s 50th anniversary in 2015. We hope that Andy continues in his father’s footsteps, collecting mementos and serving as a company historian for many years to come. We would also like to thank these two for their 50 years of combined experience!

Don Sievert and Bob Lundt kindly returned to Air Wisconsin for photos and got an opportunity to reconnect. They toured the new maintenance hanger and reminisced about the early days of our Company, and Fort Wayne was definitely brought up as a key location in our Company’s early years. Don and Bob worked together for many years, and now their sons, Jeff and Andy, interact daily.

We want to thank all six men for sharing their stories and love for aviation running through the generations with a little help from nature and a nudge from nurture.

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