Air Wisconsin Captain Randy Ball Inspires Others Through Air Show Flying

The aviation community is filled with many different niches, but we are lucky enough to have two worlds of aviation combine through the talents of Randy W. Ball, an Air Wisconsin captain who doubles as one of the most well-known airshow jet performers in the US. With over 1400 performances to date Randy keeps a busy schedule between being a captain of a CRJ-200 and flying over 43 other types of aircrafts, of which have been manufactured in 9 different countries.

Randy loves what he does and the flexibility that flying for us gives him. Being able to continue his passion in jet flying and air shows while still flying passengers for his “regular” job. Randy’s love for aviation started as a child where he found his inspiration from his great uncle who flew 51 missions in the B-17 Flying Fortress, little did Randy know that he would be sharing the skies with B-17s in shows later in his life. While following the typical path for an eager young aviation enthusiast, he soloes at the age of 18 and has now been a pilot for 36 years, with 32 of those years being airshow flying!

Arguably the best-known aircraft Randy flies is the MiG-17, which Randy has flown in many shows but also as the “threat/aggressor” aircraft with the USAF F-4 Phantom for film. Randy’s true goal is to inspire the next generation of pilots as he knows they are the future. The path to being an airline captain is long and hard, but what childhood dreams are made of. Randy is evidence that having a foundation with an airline can be the solid ground while still allowing pilots to explore other areas of aviation.

Randy’s team is also an inspiration to those who have found a different love in aviation. Erin Mae, has had a love for aircraft since she was young and joined the U.S. Navy to pursue the maintenance side of the industry. After her time in the Navy ended, she found herself meeting Randy Ball himself in Tyler, TX and got to see his amazing jet for herself.  Erin is now the “Crew Chief” for Randy, running every angle of the ground operations and also performing maintenance on the aircraft.

Looking to become a captain like Randy at Air Wisconsin? We are excited to announce that we will be transitioning our fleet with a new partner, American Airlines, beginning in early 2023. Our industry-leading benefits and work rules make us the regional of choice for many pilots.

Crew Bases

  • Chicago O’Hare (ORD)
  • Milwaukee (MKE)
  • Dayton (DAY)


  • Starting First Officer pay: $60.90/flight hour
  • Captain pay range: $102.43 – $156.20
  • First Officers earn up to $73,000 no contract bonus
  • Captain qualified new hires earn $150,000 no contract bonus
  • 75 hour minimum monthly pay guarantee
  • Per Diem: $1.80
  • 100% Cancellation and Dead Head Pay


  • Industry leading Medical, Dental, & Vision Insurance options
  • Most aggressive 401(k) in the industry, with up to an 8% match and 3% guaranteed contribution
  • 75 hour minimum monthly pay guarantee
  • Family and friends flight benefits
  • 100% company paid life insurance

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