What to Expect in Your Flight Attendant Interview

How exciting! You’ve been invited to interview for a Flight Attendant position with Air Wisconsin. Here’s what to expect and some tips on how to land your dream job.

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a Flight Attendant? It’s probably how personable they are. In addition to playing an important role in the safety of our passengers, you will also interact with people from all different places, with all different personalities. It’s no accident that your interview begins sitting in a circle with all of the other candidates. 

Our September 2019 Flight Attendant Class visiting our maintenance hangar in Appleton, WI.

While this probably isn’t like other job interviews you’ve had, it’s an important part of our interview process. Our recruiters and members of our Inflight training team want to see how well you interact with others. Things will start off with an ice breaker question, and the group might participate in an exercise together.

During this process, the Air Wisconsin team will decide who moves on to one-on-one interviews. Being on-time, dressing appropriately, and positively interacting with other candidates are what they are hoping to see. 

The next part of the interview process will feel more familiar. We’ll review your resume with you and ask different types of questions to determine if we are a good fit for each other. If we believe we are, we’ll offer you the job on spot.

Just remember to be yourself and have fun in your interview. Good luck!

Explore all of our open positions at www.airwis.com/careers.

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